Learn to Skate USA

Group classes are the core of the Juneau Skating Club Learn to Skate USA Program. Along with group classes all students are encouraged to participate in our annual Compete USA Competition and Spring Show.

2020/2021 Session Schedule:

Due to restrictions on available ice time, number of skaters allowed on the ice, and our commitment to safety, some Learn to Skate classes are currently not available.  Once it is practical to offer lessons, we will update this page with dates and times.  Check back regularly for updated information. 

Session 1

Sept 5th – Sept 26th

  • Levels 5 – PreFree (only)
    • Saturdays 9:45-10:30am

Session 2:

Session 3: 

Session 4:


Although held at and supported by Treadwell Arena, the Learn to Skate program is run by the Juneau Skating Club. Please contact JSC with any questions or check the link above for more information on our website. Thank you!  

General Info:

  • Our group classes run in six (6) week sessions.  The cost is $90.00, with a $10 discount for registering and completing payment online by the early registration deadline.
  • We have four (4) sessions a year.  Skaters may start skating during any session of the year, or skip sessions depending on what their schedule allows.
  • During Learn to Skate class, skaters are split into groups with other skaters of comparable age and skill level.  As a skater progresses through our program they learn new skating skills that build on the skills they have already mastered.  Each skater progresses at their own pace and should not be expected to pass to a new level each session.
  • All skaters will receive 30 minutes of group instruction and 30 minutes of supervised practice time.  Experience has shown us that this combination provides the best overall environment for skater growth.
  • All youth skaters need to have an adult who is responsible for them at the rink during the entire hour of Learn to Skate class.  Our coaches are unable to monitor skaters once they have left the ice.
  • All of our classes are taught by JSC coaches who are registered with Learn to Skate USA and have passed a USFSA safe sport background check. 
  • We highly recommend that all skaters skate at least two times a week.  The rink has an open skate calendar available online and at the rink.  


When Registering Skaters: 

Snowplow Sam – This class is for all skaters between the ages of 4 & 5.

Beginning Youth & Adult (Youth Basic Skills & Adult Level 1) – Any skater age 6 or over that has never had a formal skating lesson should be registered as a beginner skater.  Coaches will assess each skater’s skill level during the first day and will move the skater to the appropriate group as needed.

Advanced Learn to Skate / Beginning Figure Skaters – Skaters that have passed level 4 are considered advanced Learn to Skate / beginning figure skaters.  Skaters at this level will have been skating with JSC or another program for at least one or more years.  These are not entry level classes.

If you have questions regarding what class to register a skater for, please email learntoskate@juneauskatingclub.org



Snowplow Sam (Ages 4 & 5): 

Skaters at this level will receive 30 minutes of group instruction and are welcome to stay for the 30 minutes of supervised practice time once they can move across the ice independently.  Many of these young skaters are still developing the strength and stamina needed to skate for a full hour.  Expect these skaters to sit down & come on and off the ice frequently.

Advanced Learn to Skate / Beginning Figure Skaters (LTS Youth Basic Skills Levels 5-PreFree, Adult Basic Skills Levels 4-6): 

We provide two (2) classes per week for this level of skater and encourage skating 3 or more days a week.  At least one of these days should be a group or private lesson.  The other two days may be at an open skate, group or private lesson, or any combination of these.  Please refer to our “Transitioning into Beginning Figure Skating” Link on the right side of this page for more information.

Many Thanks to Our Annual Sponsors