We are back from the competition and  reporting results!

The 2015 NWP Regional Figure Skating competition is split into a Qualifying competition and a Non-qualifying competition.  Only Laurie Balstad competed in the Qualifying competition level since she is at an appropriate test level (skaters below the Juvenile level compete in the Non-qualifying competition). For the last couple of years, because there are so many skaters at the Intermediate level (25 this year), Laurie had to skate her long program in a qualifying round in order to begin the Qualifying competition.  Laurie skated a solid performance and is the first skater from Juneau to make it to the final round at regionals after placing 6th.  This is a fantastic accomplishment for a skater from Juneau!  In the finals, she skated a clean short program and a solid long program and wound up in 11th place overall.  Included in the pictures attached are a few of Laurie (and one with us in the “Kiss and Cry” area awaiting her scores that got her into the final round) and a group shot of us in the stands watching the competition.

The remaining JSC skaters placed as follows (generally out of 8 skaters per group):

Ema Jessen, 7th place, Pre-Juvenile Girls Group A

Meredith Fritsch, 8th place, Preliminary Girls Group C

Katherine Fritsch, 6th place, Preliminary Girls Group D

Emily Bowman, 6th place, Preliminary Girls Group E

Josephine Zuelow, 4th place medalist, Preliminary Girls Group F

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